#**[Set Volume for Muscle Size: The Ultimate Evidence Based Bible](** James Krieger of Weightology (and recent [BF% post]( just released his "Volume Bible" on hypertrophy training. We've probably all heard "[volume drives gains](" a lot recently, and here, Dr. Krieger provides a thorough assessment of the evidence to suggest the best way to manipulate volume when training for size. Mike Israetel has stated several times that Krieger's Volume Bible informs Renaissance Periodization's [Hypertrophy Training guidelines]( It's a beefy write-up to sink your teeth in, but the key takeways and tl;dr are upfront: >**TL;DR Version** >* On average, muscle growth tends to be best with around 8 sets per muscle group per training session in trained individuals. Frequency can be used to manipulate weekly volume. >* Individual results may vary widely from the average. >* 2-3 sets per muscle group per training session is sufficient for beginners. **** Bonus material: If that's not enough nerding out for you, a couple of reviews looking at the the other side of the coin have recently come out too: * [The Minimum Effective Training Dose Required to Increase 1RM Strength in Resistance-Trained Men: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis]( * [Training for strength and hypertrophy: an evidence-based approach]( **** Happy Brain Gains