Hey everyone, Had kind of a weird experience today. I've been going to the gym pretty regularly for the past 6 months to get myself back into shape and one exercise that I always kind of avoided was deadlifting. Back when I played football in high school, I hurt my lower back due to bad form on my deadlifts and I've kind of avoided it ever since. But it turned to the point that my deadlift max was lower than my squat max. So since November or so I've began working on my deadlift, especially heavy deadlifts, and finally started getting a feel for the proper form and now deadlift more than my squat like most people do. But as you know, heavy deadlifts can be loud by nature when returning to the floor from the top. I always come down with the bar and I never just drop it (I lower the bar similarly to this video: []( ). However, as I have been increasing weight, it's natural for the sound to be a bit loud when hitting the floor. I've never had issues though except today. Granted the gym was empty today except for one other person and the employee at the desk overseeing the gym. But this person got off their exercise bike and walked all the way over to the gym desk to complain about what I was doing. The employee came by and told me to stop dropping the weights. I wasn't, but I just nodded my head since I didn't want to start a fuss or anything. It's the first time I've ever had a gym employee come by to tell me something so I was also caught off-guard. I've never had an issue before when I dead-lifted the same way and the employee didn't seem to mind at all until the other woman came by to complain. I then basically lifted the same way, but tried to kind of baby the weight down more instead of lowering it like the video. But this caused twinges in my lower back. I ended up just stopping deadlifts for the day since I didn't want more complaints directed at me or to get kicked out. So my question to fellow fitness goers is how do you guys lower the bar for heavy deadlifts quietly, but prevent back injury? Should I just cut the weight down so I can fully control it down? Or should I treat this like a one off event and keep doing what I usually do? Thanks! :) Note: This is also a university gym if it matters and unfortunately, I don't have the funds to pay for a gym membership at a different gym. UPDATE: Holy crap this blew up while I was asleep. The gym does not have a deadlift platform or bumper plates unfortunately. UPDATE 2: I really appreciate the advice and replies throughout. It was cool to see that a lot of people are okay with some noise and go to gyms where it isn't an issue. I hope to find a gym like this in the future. It was funny to read even if some of them seemed certain to get me kicked out. Also nice to see suggestions like the eccentrics, mats, etc. I will definitely try those out and see what works best for me. I also may send an email to the Rec people at the university to see if bumper plates and/or a platform might be things they could look at getting. Honestly, I got a little discouraged about deadlifting because of what happened with the lady complaining and my back injury in high school. Bad things always seem to happen when I start deadlifting. But it's nice to see the encouragement. Thanks r/fitness. Hopefully, I'll be deadlifting a lot more in the time to come. :D